Saturday, August 10, 2019

MKT Unit 4 Individual Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

MKT Unit 4 Individual Project - Research Paper Example The study will deal with the introduction of a new online product known as â€Å"Common† which works as internet currency platform and enables smooth financial transactions between buyers and sellers. The author of the study has highlighted various innovative methods of marketing concepts for Common and make it one of the most saleable and profitable products all over the world. The main objective of the study would be to highlight the various dimensions of Common and its related marketing concepts. A unique marketing plan would be created for Common that would enable to attract potential customers for a particular segment which believe in online purchasing and selling. One of the prime objectives of the study would be to highlight the product characteristics and features that would enable the reader to understand the innovative concept of digitalized transaction and its benefits. Finally, the study would conclude with the various marketing strategies that would enable the suc cessful marketing of Common internet currency platform. ... The prime objective of Common would be to enable fast electronic money and fund transfer for the online buying of products and conversion of money into digitalized currency. The sole purpose behind the creation of such an online platform would be to address the needs and concerns of the customers who believe in performing online transactions and also help in providing customers security and confidentiality while performing online transactions (Forex, 2013a). Common will also try to address the gaps that exist between the customers performing the online and offline transactions. The main objective would always be to provide a smooth financial service and also highlight the various concepts which help in facilitating intensive and extensive data. The maintenance and service offerings would directly depend upon the research market offerings and the proper maintenance of the customer accounts. It also helps in facilitating transactions between financial institutions such as banks, insura nce for investment purposes which help in enhancement of the technical and business expertise. The strategic mission of the company would be to develop a customized online platform which would help in catering to the needs and development of the customers making online and offline transactions (Forex, 2013a). Target Market Although, there is no specific customer segment targeted for the internet currency platform it is assumed that the customers who are not familiar with the technological concepts and methods are not targeted for the customers. The platform would enable micro, gaming; virtual currencies, offer based and mobile payment (FDBC, 2011).It would also facilitate online trading and domestic payment. The marketing department of Common would target customers aged

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