Monday, August 12, 2019

Case Assignment Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Assignment - Case Study Example Some of the forms of violence take place due to the influence of drugs which may drive the worker to attack his work mates. A worker may feel that some of the policies introduced in the work place threaten his career. Down sizing the organization or a pay decrease may result in a violent attack by a worker. Some workers may result to violence after prolonged dissatisfaction in the workplace. Identification of violent behaviour in the workplace is crucial to the operations of the organization. The workers and management have the obligation to identify potential threats in the workplace. Conducive working environment will improve productivity and enable the organization to save on cost related to violent incidences in the workplace (DeCenzo, Robbins & Verhulst, 2010). The health and safety Act gives the employers the duty to identify and eliminate all the treats to the organization. Violent behaviour among the workers poses a significant threat to the organization thus the management should identify and eliminate any source of violent behavior in the workplace. The employee has the duty to ensure that his own safety in the workplace. The workers are constantly interacting thus identified violent behaviour should be reported to the management for immediate action. The workers and employer are equally responsible for violence in the workplace. Workers have the right to report any incidences that may result to violence. The management’s duty is to act responsibly to ensure that the violence does not affect the operations of the organization. The case study reports that some of the workers identified McDermott when they heard the news of the incident at Edgewater Technology. McDermott had planned his assault to destroy the company’s image (Waring & Glendon, 2001). McDermott’s anger was due to the pay decrease the company was about to

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