Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Look into House Music :: House Music Disco Essays

A Look into House Music House music was first and foremost, the direct descendant of "Disco". Many older and wiser Chicago, New York and New Jersey House dj's will agree with me on this. They will acknowledged that fact that it was due to New York's, huge Disco club and music scene that helped to create the music of House and Garage and its culture within Chicago, Usa. Frankie Knuckles, the acknowledged "godfather" of Chicago house, got his start as a Dj via Manhattan, New York, Usa. Whilst there he was spinning Disco, Philly Soul records during the early 1970s with another legendary deejay figure, the late, great Larry Levan, New York. Disco, the music that everyone loves to "joke" about or "snigger" about had already been going on for 10 years when the first electronic drum tracks began to appear out of Chicago, Usa. A great Description of Disco can be explain to us like this. "The first days of Disco were filled with hope, and joy. The last days of Disco might seem very similar the fall of the Roman Empire". Disco music presided over a era of social change, such as War in Vietnam, the Oil Criss in the early 1970's, Economic recession, and also Improved social conditions with regards to the Black and Gay population within the Usa. Also Disco was the one music's that was to carry forward the ideas of the late 1960's "Hippy Philosophy" of "Making love not war". But with Disco music and culture it went onto carried on the Hippy philosophy of making love and not war - in more fun and acceptable way for one and all. If I do say so myself on a more grander and a more sophisticated level. On a musical tip, Disco, revoluntionise music as we used to view it. It also changed how we viewed club culture today around the world. Disco music and culture helped change how radio programing was to be done in the future, and lastly it had a important effect on how the balance of power in the music industry had between the small independent labels and the major labels records. By the end of its regin (*Disco music) was also responsible for the commericial creation of the 12 inch single to be made available for the general public and Dj's alike. The "remix"that has become standard practice within dance music, and a new set of studio techniques were available for imaginative dance music producers that heralded from the Disco Craze.

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