Tuesday, August 13, 2019

E. Porters A Strategy for Health Care Reform Toward a Value-Based Essay

E. Porters A Strategy for Health Care Reform Toward a Value-Based System analysis writing - Essay Example "Indeed, the onlyway to truly contain costs in health care is to improve outcomes:in a value-based system, achieving and maintaining good healthis inherently less costly than dealing with poor health." (Porter, 2009). According to the author, moving toward universal insurance coverage as well as restructuring the care delivery system is essential for true reform and a value-based system is the most fundamental means to achieve this. Therefore, the main arguments of the article are related to the essence of a value-based system which can ensure an effective strategy for health care reforms. In the article, the author analyzes various criticalsteps to achieve universal coverage in a way that will support,rather than impede, a basic reorientation of the deliverysystem around value for patients. In the first place, it is important to change the nature of health insurance competition and the insurers should flourish only ifthey improve their subscribers' health. Secondly, it is essential to keep employers in the insurance system and create a level playing field for employers that offercoverage by penalizing employers that are free riders. Next, one needs to address the unfair burden on people who haveno access to employer-based coverage.

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