Thursday, August 8, 2019

BUS303 MODULE 2 LP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BUS303 MODULE 2 LP - Essay Example I actually commend the University for according students with the opportunity to make partial payments through accomplishing a Promissory Note form, which is to be secured from the Dean’s office prior to major examinations. Since my financial sources were not enough, I secured the form and lined up at the Cashier to make a partial payment. After about 30 minutes of queuing, the system experienced technical difficulties and those in line were told to either wait, try to pay through an authorized bank, or return the next day. The follow day, I directly went to the cashier; and true to her word, accepted my partial payment. I proceeded to the registrar to validate the payment and secure my examination permit, only to be told that the Promissory Note (PN) needed to be signed first at the Dean’s office. When I went to the Dean’s office, the line of students securing the signature on their respective PNs was longer than the eyes could see. After a patient wait and when one’s turn was due, the authorized signatory informed me that I needed to pay an additional $xxx amount; otherwise, I would not be given an exam permit despite the amount that I already paid. I had to go back to the Cashier, have the PN signed, return to the registrar and finally secure the exam permit. It would have been so much easier to have communicated all the payment protocols during orientation; or to have a flowchart of procedures posted near the Cashier and Accounting Offices. I hereby enjoin University personnel in charge of creating policies and procedures to publish payment protocols and avoid students queuing and being referred back to departments to secure signatures or make additional payments, which are fairly easy to comply with explicitly disseminated guidelines. This would likewise facilitate payment and collection and avoid unnecessary returns. Hoping for your immediate action in this regard. In writing the persuasive memo, the guidelines in writing persuasive

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