Sunday, August 11, 2019

Digital Marketing Aspects of Musclefood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Digital Marketing Aspects of Musclefood - Essay Example However, getting engaged in digital marketing techniques includes factors related with the technological compatibility of the firm and the ability of the digital platform to fulfil the organizational as well as consumer needs. This report will focus on designing the digital marketing aspects of Musclefood for improving their marketing techniques. The existing website of Musclefood has been designed by focusing only on the product and service base of the company meanwhile elements such as company information, sustainability policies, business partners, etc has been highlighted in blind spots. The company has a policy of visual content which can be seen by the limited words used for describing the content and navigation of the webpage. It was also evaluated that some subjects such as the customer feedback and deals sections are taking too much space. Although the website included interactivity but it was limited to only few portions such as the primary promotional belt of the webpage. In addition, multiple tabs have been given for highlighting various product segments, which has clamped the webpage. The praiseworthy aspect of the existing web page is the navigational system. All the tabs have automated dropdown boxes, which can easily help the customers in understanding the structure of the webpage. The above given diagram highlights the changes made in the website of Musclefood for improving the visualisation, interaction and navigation system of the website. The structure of the website has been altered in order to include more elements regarding the product and service structure of the company. It was noted that Musclefood tries to enhance their customer offerings by engaging in related diversification of their service and product base. Â   Â  

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