Friday, February 14, 2020

BUS503 - Org. Change and Transformation Mod 5 SLP Essay

BUS503 - Org. Change and Transformation Mod 5 SLP - Essay Example Companies that attempt a change fail because of the unexpected barriers so it is important to understand them. Though these leaders are not effective, they have been there a long time and they are well known by everyone. There will certainly be some individual contribution to putting up barriers to this part of the change. There will be disbelief, anger, and reluctance on the part of the employees. The board will be to initiate this change right away. They will have to establish a sense of urgency, assuring that the plan is fully defined and skillfully present the plan to the hospital. They will have to be sure to include all of the benefits this transition will bring to the hospital employees. Publicize any success that is possible right away (Jick & Peiperl, 2007) and try to separate the change from the past. There are both individual and structural barriers here. There will be a sense of loss of power to that management group that is left which is essentially an individual barrier. The mid level directors for example. This fear of loss of power will also cause a barrier to the change with managers dragging their feet and even manipulating to cause problems with the change. This will need to be handled right away not allowed to sit so it will not get out of hand. Bringing this group in ahead of time and showing them what the change could mean for them and for their staff will be very important. It will be important here also to establish a sense of urgency in convincing the management staff of this change. Incentives are a good thing to use in this instance assuring that both formal and informal leaders are on the side of the change. Complacency cannot be tolerated during this process and it is essential to assure that everyone is on the side of the change (Kotter, 2007). The board will need to continue to bring about this part of the change. Once the management and senior management group are aligned and the plan is organized

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Primary Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Primary Nursing - Essay Example Thompson ET all introduces the concept of primary nursing right from the beginning of its start in the 60’s. The sprouting of this particular type of healthcare all through the globe and its major influence to patient care is critically discussed. In this article, the author mainly insists on the influence of technology on this field and how hard it was for nurses back when everything was manual. Since the nurse has to work for 24 hours taking care of her patients, this field is thought provoking and in the early days of its invention, most of the primary nurses took care of fewer patients due to the nature of the work that was involved in the monitoring of the patients. The nurse had to manually move to each patient, take care of them and move to the next one. This was tedious and in most cases, the patients never got that right kind of care that they needed. However, due to technological changes in the medical industry, primary nursing has been on the increase and most insti tutions of higher learning have included the field in part of their study.Bowman ET all has similar opinions and insists that there has been improvements in primary nursing ever since its invention. The author compares the current situation of nursing and how it was in its early days and some of the changes that have been seen in the area. Comparing the way primary nursing was in the 60’s and now, it is pretty obvious that the field has undergone a lot of changes. First is the various means that nurses use to monitor patients.