Friday, October 18, 2019

Review a movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Review a movie - Essay Example Film Unforgiven (1992); shows the era when old Wild West was changing into modern west. Opening of the movie clearly shows the main theme behind the movie. Era of Wild West falling and rising of a new era; that is rising of modern west. This film hides brutal realities of Wild West that were present through all the area of Wild West. Robbery, violence and bounty hunting were normal attributes of the Wild West. Also sheriff which goes cruel or brutal in the movie shows non judicial murders done by sheriff department to keep law and order of the village or society they are responsible for. There is a great amount of violence present in the movie. Also hero of movie is person which is acting as a villain throughout the movie. Concepts of dignity, self respect, life and death are narrated continuously in the movie again and again by narrators (Milan). L.A confidential was a movie released in 1997. This movie devises ways to analyze movies. L.A confidential is based on the concept that movies itself are the major cause of the spreading violence and other crimes including sexual assault most of the females face in city of Los Angles. Generally concepts like freedom of doing everything any time is one of the major causes addressed my L.A confidential as their main subject. Justice system is the next subjected targeted by the makers. Movie introduces three cops with three different personalities and characters. Youngest one is the newly breed of the department and is loyal to law and its applications. Other one is a criminal having a police badge doing crimes under the supervision of his captain. According to the makers behind L.A confidential the concept of liberty that is greatly propagated by movies is totally wrong and opposite to idea itself. There should be controlled liberty for proper balance and progress of a society regardi ng justice system. If this balance disturbed there will be no

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