Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Early pregnancy Essay

Early pregnancy is considered â€Å"socially problematic† such as : broken families, discrimination and some teenagers feel they all alone. In addition, people believes that being pregnant in an early age are at the high risk for poor health outcomes during pregnancy such as checkups ,vitamins and even exercise and it is a result of being a child mother because they are young not to know what the right things to do. And even in the child birth she didn’t know how to care with her baby because she’s too young. And in the process of growing up of her child most of them does not able to teach a good attitude to their child because even them their parents haven’t teach them well so the history repeat itself. But in the other way around some child mother care, teach and give their all attention to their baby because they don’t want that their baby would be same after them. What Age they considered as early pregnancy? It is 15 years old and below. Because it have a high rate of infant mortality which is 13 per1000 live births, very low birthweigth =24 and very preterm delivery = 43. Compare to 16-19 years old infant mortality = 8, very low birthweight = 15 and very preterm delivery = 22. So this analysis signified that 15 years old and below considered early pregnancy. Background Why did I choose this topic? Is that I think that discussing this one is the best thing to do to open the mind of those teenager not to do premarital sex which will result a â€Å"Early Pregnancy†. Another reason is to explain what is the cause and effect factors of early pregnancy. Some may don’t really care about this topic, but for me this is important. Because our population is increasing while our economic is decreasing and it was so alarming. Another reason why should I have to discuss this is to enlighten the mind of those woman to enjoy their teen years and also single life. Then to avoid her to big responsibilities she cannot take. And to avoid destroying a lot of woman’s future.

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