Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Brand management report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Brand management report - Essay Example Target customers are the high-end customers of the society thrive for lifestyle trendy products like Apple. Innovative and technological attributes of the Apple products are reinforcing the brand. The personality of the brand Apple is very different from other competitor brands. It is unique in nature. Trust worthiness of Apple products are very important benefit for the brand as can be seen in appendix. Innovative technologies provide intellectual development for consumers. Brand mantra of Apple is described on the basis of three factors those are 1) Brand Function, 2) Descriptive Modifier and 3) Emotional Modifier. Brand function of apple describes it as an example of innovation. Descriptive modifier for the brand Apple is technology. Emotional modifier is the passion for Apple products. Customer feels very passionate about possessing Apple products (Michael, 2005, pp. 145-152). On the base of the above analysis the brand identity of Apple is unique in nature. Apple products are generally costlier than its competitors. Still people feel passionate about buying this product because people get excitement and emotional attachment with the brand. The brand identity of Apple is unquestionable and unique in nature. Apple uses a different strategy of Blue Ocean that makes it different from other brand. The brand focuses on emotional aspects of the customers. It is very much related with life style kind of product. People feel that Apple is a very reliable brand. Customers fells lots of trust worthiness out of Apple. Customers feel very excited for the particular brand. Customers are so emotionally attached with the brand that they feel Apple as an important part of their life. Continuous innovation in technology is making this brand more and more superior in nature. Customers are always expecting something new from the brand and the brand always coming up with som e new innovations. Technological

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