Monday, October 21, 2019

Herrold essays

Herrold essays Herrold was the first person to broadcast radio entertainment to people on a regular basis. He was considered a broadcasting pioneer. In 1921 Herrold received a license as KQW. In 1949 KQW became KCBS in San Francisco Charles Herrold was born in 1875 in the Midwest. He was raised in San Jose and he went to Stanford University. He later moved to San Francisco and set up an electrical manufacturing company, but unfortunately the big earthquake hit in 1906 and everything was destroyed. He went to Stockton and taught at a technical college. He later returned to San Jose and he started the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering. Herrold was very interested in inventing a radiotelephone system. He wanted to make something that would make him very well-known, and very rich. His inventions were not very original scientifically, built they did allow him to broadcast. He received six U.S. patents for this system that he and his students were using to broadcast. It is documented that Herrold was the first to have a radio broadcast station. This happened in 1910. There is a notarized statement made by Herrold that was published in the Electro-importing Company catalogue. It stated We have given wi reless phone concerts to amateur wireless men throughout the Santa Clara Valley. Herrold was very serious and organized about his job. He always had his equipment ready and everything he was going to say before they went on the air. The people listening would wait for it. In 1921 a historian for RCA was trying to say that there is no way that Herrold could be considered the first broadcaster because people who were ordinary citizens could not by radios until KDKA and therefore men like Herrold and de Forest were not really broadcasters because their audiences were amateurs, not citizens. However, Herrold is considered the first to broadcast to an audience on a regular basis. Herrold ended up dying ...

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