Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hospitality Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hospitality Learning - Essay Example From the early days, medieval monasteries in Europe intellectually offered hospitality to travelers, especially pilgrims. The early inns in Europe were profit-making ventures that offered public rooms where merchants would sit to discuss their businesses. Apparently, the hospitality industry has followed travelers’ paths. In about year 1200, there arose inn-keeping that saw English restaurants considered as the finest globally during the industrial revolution. With the birth of the first class Termand house hotel in Boston in 1829, providing guestroom, lockable door and free soap, the modern hotel industry emerged. By the 1950s, new concepts such as floatels, boatels and motels had been introduced. By 1960, a majority of hotel owners merged with large chains such as Hilton and franchising their hotels, making them larger. This marked the birth of the modern hotel industry across the world (Talwar, 22). At this point, it would be important to note the role that Hotel Management course plays in opening up one’s mind to appreciate that hospitality encompasses more than just hotels. Hospitality has been categorized into four segments: transportation, commercial recreation, food service and lodging. Therefore, whereas travelers could use hotels for dining and accommodation, restaurants would provide meals only. Vacation ownership is another plan in the hospitality industry where customers buy a property, normally a residence at a resort and acquire the right of use for the lease period. Resorts are places meant for vacation, daytime getaway or relaxation and could offer live entertainment, cosmetic treatment, meals and massages. Another increasingly attractive field has been the cruise ship where passenger ships with amenities to serve leisure purposes are employed in leisure voyages with the various destinations along the way also being attractive. Whatever the choice of hospitality, Hotel Management emphasizes on the importance of

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