Thursday, September 12, 2019

Alcohol & other drug counselling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alcohol & other drug counselling - Essay Example The book, (Tracy J Jarvis & Jenny Tebbutt & Richard P Mattick & Fiona Shand 2005, p. 88), could be a great ray of hope. The Elevation of Alcoholism The elevation of alcoholism as well as other drug abuse has encouraged many treatments to appear in the market. There are different types of drug treatment which are entirely dependent upon the seriousness of the matter. Now, each drug has its own side effects. The ill effects of the drugs like heroine and coke is immense. It is potent enough to cause hallucination therefore known as hallucinogen. Addiction to alcohol and other drugs not only triggers the health but also social and family matters. Excessive consumption of morphine, coke, heroin can also lead to death. The rate of Juvenile offenders has also increased along with crimes like rape, murders, theft and etc. Families fall apart due to this curse of alcoholism. (Cengage Education Alcohol and Other Counselling Book 1. - Theory and terminology, Sociological aspects, Effects of sub stances use, Assessment and referral, Treatment approaches, Brief intervention strategiesm 2008, p. 10)Â  provides intricate information regarding the effects on family, society and etc. Sharing needles among the users welcomes deadly diseases such as jaundice, AIDS, hepatitis and all other severe blood borne diseases (Cengage Education Handbook 19481S -Health care workers on alcohol and other drug problems 2008, p. 15). Australia is worried about the usage of cannabis as per the press reports provided by ABC News. The effects of smoking cannabis are much adverse in people from 30-50 age groups. There are many rehabilitation centers that are helping Australian by initiating drug abuse and alcohol counseling.

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