Wednesday, September 25, 2019

For this assignment please write a one page letter to the editor Essay

For this assignment please write a one page letter to the editor. Limit your letter to 250 words and write on a topical issue, that is, one you find relevant, interesting or important - Essay Example The American constitution seems to be under assault. We now have a Congress and an executive that are attempting, actively, to lead the country to bankruptcy in order to void the constitution and draft another in their image, which will withdraw freedoms that the current constitution guarantees. Currently, America is going through fundamental transformation promised to us by President Obama. Our president, along with many senators, now considers the constitution a hindrance in pursuing their agenda. I am down hearted that some scholars openly proclaim the outdated nature of the American constitution, despite our founding fathers having established an amendment process in their wisdom. Every American who treasures peace needs to be worried as an assault is made on their freedom of speech, religious rights, and the right to defend themselves. There has been a continuous assault on our pursuit of happiness by this government that aims to take from its citizens. All that supports their ideas are idealist ideas whose end will be the destruction of the United States. Remember, the best government is that which governs the least. Rogers, Donna. â€Å"I have a Dream† To Fundamentally Transform the United States of America. 21 January 2013. Web. 22 February 2013

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