Thursday, September 26, 2019

Assess The Value Of An Effective Human Resource Management Strategy To Essay

Assess The Value Of An Effective Human Resource Management Strategy To The Achievement Of Organisational Goals And Objectives - Essay Example Effective human resources strategies can make or break organisations. This essay shall assess the value of an effective human resource management strategy to the achievement of organisational goals and objectives. This essay is being carried out in order to help provide this student a better understanding of HR strategies in successful corporations and to provide possible cues for corporations in the improvement of their corporate performance using better HR strategies. Body Various companies and researchers believe that human resource management processes can help organisations secure and achieve various strategic options. However, only a few would agree on how the HR actually impacts on performance (HR Spectrum, 2005). HR’s impact includes basic aspects like identification or recruitment of top performers; training these top employees to work effectively; and monitoring employee progress and supporting employees in the accomplishment of company goals (HR Spectrum, 2005). Based on company’s economic processes and concepts, competitive goals and strategies, HR management usually controls various functions. To support the organisation’s competitive advantage, HR managers can support various tools and strategies in order to secure their goals. Some approaches often emphasize the importance of best practice. Another HR approach highlights best fit, and aligning such fit within the organisation and its general environment (HR Spectrum, 2 005). ... Until the employees understand how these HR strategies work and how they impact on their company’s success, these strategies would not likely have any impact or meaning. In order to understand the association between corporate strategy and employee output, it is important to establish and HR system which supports shared beliefs and attitudes among employees (HR Spectrum, 2005). HR practices can secure higher values for the organisation and for its human capital pool by focusing the employees’ actions towards the fulfilment of corporate goals. This can further be secured if employees are willing to stick with the organisation (Baird and Meshaulam, 1988). HR managers can secure flexibility and can align the corporate values by securing traditional functions and the application of HR strategies using cost-effective mechanisms. These managers can also consider beyond the traditions of their organisation and evaluate the current trends in contemporary business management, as well as the speed of change among organisations and the implications of these changes for employees and other stakeholders (Baird and Meshaulam, 1988). Managing companies strategically highlights the internal organisation and the management of issues. This would involve the acknowledgement of the corporate climate and culture as well as the alignment of employee values with corporate and social goals. For instance, in improving labour outputs and improving company flexibility, human resources can also provide a wide range of strategic choices, including higher shareholder return and competitive advantage (HR Spectrum, 2005). Due to the improved dynamics of the marketplace, HR goals must also be flexible. Flexibility includes processes which refer to improved accommodation for

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