Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Writing assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Writing - Assignment Example Daniel medical attention amazed me. He quickly requested me whether I needed any assistance immediately I checked in the clinic. He loved and sympathized with his patients. He would offer adequate medical counseling to patients. You never pursued but compassion for humanity and alleviation of patients’ suffering. When men of his generation were making history in the medical field, Daniel you courageous performed successfully the first-open heart surgery in the USA. Daniel also made history as the first person to employ interracial staff in his Provident hospitalHe was a man on a great mission, never backtracked on any challenges. He was best as everything that he dreamed of accomplishing. He was a man who commanded great respect in medical history. Everybody was proud of his brain and humane heart. I believed in his values and abilities. A man who I could only admire, respect and take great inspiration from. Daniel, you were very special to my heart, I am Grateful for the little time we spent together here on earth. You kept the faith and completed your race. Rest in eternal peace Daniel Hale Williams, (January 18, 1856- August 4,

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