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Traditions of modern Greece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Traditions of modern Greece - Essay Example Some explanation of the key Greek customs and traditions are below: Usually the Greek’s name themselves on the names of the Gods and other pious personalities. According to the Greek traditions, it is essential for the Greek to celebrate his name derivation from the God when the church celebrates the name of that God on a specific day annually. On the â€Å"name day† of an individual, the acquaintances and relatives of that individual call or visit him with no prior notice to give him blessing and warm wishes. According to the â€Å"name day† tradition, the rich Greeks accompany gifts on the visits as well symbolizing there position in the society. The host of the house presents the guests with many sweet delicacies (Gruen, pp. 49-55). The Festivities on the name day are more than on the birthday and are more important to the Greeks. The Greeks also have strong and very differential customs and traditions on Weddings and Engagements. It is compulsory for all Greeks to tie into engagement before the marriage. The man has to propose first which is similar in all cultures but the difference in the Greek custom is that the Greek man has to ask the father of the woman for acceptance first then only he can propose. When the father and the woman agree, then priest sanctifies the rings and the rings are then can only be worn on the left ring finger. The most common blessing the guests offer are â€Å"kala stephana† and â€Å"I ora I kali†. The Greeks have strong customs of marriage as well. In most of the small cities and villages, the dowry system exists. In the Dowry system, the family of the bride gives the groom family with huge presents. The presents are usually hand made by the female members of the bride’s family to symbolize there intense love for their daughter. However, this custom is no longer valid in big cities. On the wedding day, it is mandatory for the bride and grooms not

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