Thursday, July 18, 2019

Changing Lives Essay

I have always viewed life differently. There were times when people would act differently towards me, for I acted maturely for my age. Oftentimes, I was vocal about how I wanted to finish my education so that I would be able to fulfill my dreams further. For everyone’s benefit, I would like to pursue a degree in Biology. At a young age, my mother exposed me to the real world. She was a nurse in one of the hospitals, and most of the time she would cater to the needs of patients. Like any curious child, I would ask her questions about her profession, making me more inclined into the field of medicine as I grew older. I could definitely say that my mother was my driving force in my dream of becoming a physician someday. My mother would consistently teach me about medicine and the first aid that I need, in the event that I need help. In school, I always showed my determination and perseverance to succeed in life. I would always give my best, even in the smallest requirement deemed from students. As much as possible, I wanted things to go as planned. Hard work and dedication were not the only factors that I took in mind. I was guided by my prayers and my will to be of service to others. In this manner, I wanted to make sure that everything was in proper order and that I am not stepping nor hurting anyone in the process. I remember the many times that my mother brought me to work with her. Even at a young age, she helped satisfy my curiosity by allowing me to assist in her work. In high school, my mother finally allowed me to volunteer in their hospital, especially in catering to the needs of patients. This kind of exposure made me more determined than ever to be of service to those in need as a physician. My life was never a perfect one. Although my mind was set into becoming a successful physician, there were certain things in life that led to this decision. My mother was of Mexican-American lineage; and Mexico was where she finished her education. In her attempt to bring herself to grater heights, she moved to the United States. The hardships that she endured when she was still starting were difficult to bear. However, she disregarded all of these and went on to fulfill her dream. Now, she is a nurse and earning a stable job in the United States. Like my mother, I was inspired to work hard and bridge gaps by making it big in the United States. The kind of education that the University of California would give me would come to my advantage in my attempt to attend medical school. I learned that the institution has produced numerous talents that have been successful in their chosen field, and making a difference in the lives of others. Like them, I would want to serve as an inspiration and be able to break barriers in the field of medicine. I would use the training and the knowledge that your school would give me to make further researches that could be used in the advancements and upheaval of society. I also want to inspire others from the medical field to render service from their heart, and not just because of the paycheck that may be receive. I know that the experiences that I had in life were not enough for me to be accepted in your university. Like the other students who have bore witness to the exemplary performance of this institution, I would do my best to live up to the Mission-Vision, which is summed up in making it big and helping others. As one of the students, all I can offer is my dedication and will to make a difference in society. I am one step forward in reaching my goals in life – and it starts with my acceptance at the University of California.

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