Thursday, July 25, 2019

Key learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Key learning - Essay Example It is important to learn that determination makes individuals to aspire for a better performance in the next stage. Support from others reassures people that they are not alone in the current circumstance and gives them strength to move on (Lewis 47). This is a key learning point because the neutral zone acts as a redefining moment in the life of an individual. This understanding can an individual learn that difficulties are temporary and that they will go away once he or she succeeds out of this zone (Lewis 47). This is an important learning point because it underscores effectiveness as an indicator of good leadership. This draws from the role of a leader in coordinating the activities of the team and providing direction (Lewis 48). It is crucial to learn that fairness and honesty creates a trusting environment and leads to success because it wins the support of the team towards a leader’s plans. This way, the leader does not strain mobilizing group members for action (Lewis 49). Learning not to overact to resistance and opposition is important because it help to remain objective. This way, a change leader gets time to plan how to counter the resistance in a way that does not scare away the support of the team (Lewis 51). It is important to learn that low trust makes individuals fear for the welfare and this makes them not embrace the change thus disrupting the success of the transition. The change leader needs to convince the team that their welfare is his or her concern (Lewis 52). There is need for change leaders to persuade the team of the efficacy of the intended change plan inviting their participation in the change process. A compelling vision implores people to be proactive in realizing the goal of the change process (Lewis 54). Change process needs leadership and coordination in order to remain harmonious and consistent.

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