Thursday, November 21, 2019

YUManagers today must be able to manage change so that an organisation Essay

YUManagers today must be able to manage change so that an organisation can respond to the influences from external environments. Critically analyse this - Essay Example In this paper, reasons and factors associated with organizational change will be discussed in order to evaluate the manager’s role in administrating and implementing such organizational changes. As the society continues to change and evolve their demand, there is always need for variety of products and services, organization should be flexible enough, as they have to stay competitive. The businesses which survive for a long time and earn profits are the ones who accept the changes as they exist. There are two types of changes that occur in an organization that is planned and unplanned. Planned changes mean that an organization is bringing change deliberately by taking decisions, while, unplanned change is due to some unforeseen factors which can take place any time without informing. There are two factors which force organization to revaluate their operations, they are internal and external. Internal and external factors both can cause these changes (Oreg, Michel, and By, 2013). According to Smith (2013), Globalization affects organization as there are companies which operate in different country and each organization has their own culture which is because an organization cannot make a standard rules for every branch. Managers have to adapt a different culture when they are transferred to other branch and they should be flexible enough to do it. Entrance of a new competitor in the market brings lot of change as now organization becomes more serious about their product sales because they are in constant fear that their market will finish if competitor gets the market demand. So, the existing company try to change their work culture to stay dynamic (Cummings and Worley, 2014). A change in workforce diversity also brings change to a company. Previously, only men use to work in some company but now, women also work which changes the environment as the culture becomes more ethical and decent. Now a

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